“Together – vouch for each other” – Organization

Together – Vouch for Each Other, was founded in 2018 by a group of young Israeli Arabs – Christians, Muslims, Bedouin and Druze, who felt determined to bring about change in the Arab sector of Israeli society, feeling that Arab society had taken a negative direction vis a vis Israel which did not reflect their own vision and feelings towards the country. Currently, the Arab Israeli educational system does not present youngsters the opportunity to feel connected to Israel and it does not present an accurate picture of Israeli society. On the contrary, it often purposefully deletes materials from its educational curriculum that would lead to a positive connection and feelings of belonging to Israel and at times adopts a narrative that is even hostile to the country. We at Together- Vouch for Each Other have had enough of this situation and have vowed to be the catalysts of change.

The founders of Together – Vouch for Each Other, have taken it upon themselves to take a stand and lead Arab Israeli society to a positive stance towards their Homeland and to bring about further integration of Arab Israeli society with Israeli society at large.

At the helm of the organization is Yoseph Haddad, an IDF disabled veteran, and a public relations activist.

The organization’s activities focus on a number of fields and its purpose is change the minds and hearts of young Arab Israelis by strengthening and consolidating their connection to their Israeli identity and bring them to feel that they are connected and an integral part of Israeli society.

Currently, the organization collaborates with a number of governmental bodies as well as socially active organizations in order to bring young Arabs to a better future by providing them with both opportunities as well as skills that enables them to integrate and become integral members of Israeli society. By providing initiatives, projects and activities in various fields we will be able to foster relationships and connections between young people in both Arab and Jewish sectors of Israeli society that will be based upon mutual respect, trust and solidarity. Amongst other programs, establishing discussion groups and meetings between groups of Arab and Jewish youngsters, sporting competitions, and volunteer initiatives.

Together – Vouch for Each Other, works to advance public relations and awareness both in national and international spheres on behalf of Arab Israeli society, seeking to elevate the level of awareness of issues which it faces today and ways to remedy and alleviate them. It also seeks to bring awareness both nationally and internationally to the fact that there are many in Arab Israeli society who want a better tomorrow with their Jewish co-patriots, who seek to co-exist by connecting to and being part of Israeli society.

As for Together – Vouch for Each Other, we believe that Arab society is an integral part of Israeli society and this demands recognition and acceptance by both sides. We do not believe that there is any contradiction between our origins or our religion and our Israeli identity. The State of Israel is a democratic state that presents equality to all its citizens, on the condition that this is truly wanted.

Our organization has taken on the responsibility of representing the sane voice in Arab society that is interested in being an integral component of the country.

Our vision:

1)   Connecting Arab Israeli society with Israeli society at large, creating a unified civil1. society, united but diverse, living side by side in equality, and mutually recognizing and respecting one another..

2)   Encouraging young Israeli Arabs to commit to National service, including guiding them and supporting them during their service and afterwards. Our motto: “to serve the country and the community!”

3)   Dealing with and finding solutions to the pressing issues that Arab Israeli society is facing in specific and Israeli society in general, by creating a detailed multi year program that amongst other issues deals with violence and crime in the Arab sector, violence against women, illegal weapons, car accidents, education, employment and infrastructure.